VanMoof S4 & X4 (or VanMoof S5 & X5). Will VanMoof reinvent the matrix display?

5 min readMay 11, 2021

More and more bicycle producers are bringing e-bike versions out and making their products compatible with the Internet of Things.

Matrix Display and VanMoof App.

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VanMoof is one of the frontiers, starting with the smart bikes, now and then they are implementing newer features in their lineup of bicycles, like their recently refreshed S3 and X3 models, with Apple Find My integration .

Integrating the latest technologies points the focus on the user interfaces the bicycles are offering to the users. Most people still prefer, jump and ride rather than dealing with complications.

Simplest example; buttons.

The bell button should ring the bell. One button, one feature, nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, tech-oriented riders may wish…



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