Revolutionizing the Ride: Inside the Reboot of VanMoof

3 min readMar 19, 2024

In the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant West district lies a beacon of innovation amidst the bicycle industry’s tumultuous landscape. VanMoof, once thought to have succumbed to the pressures of bankruptcy, has emerged stronger than ever, undergoing a remarkable transformation that promises to reshape the future of urban mobility.

During an exclusive visit to VanMoof’s strategic operations and R&D hub, nestled in the former site of their West location, I was granted a firsthand glimpse into the company’s ambitious plans and revolutionary initiatives. What was once a humble workshop for bike repairs and test rides has evolved into a dynamic space teeming with creativity and ingenuity.

VanMoof (2.0) S5 Dark Gray in Amsterdam

As VanMoof navigates the challenges of a rapidly changing market, the company has undergone a dramatic downsizing, shrinking its workforce from a thousand to less than a hundred. Yet, from adversity springs opportunity, and VanMoof has seized the moment with unwavering determination. In just three months, they have orchestrated a swift and comprehensive revival of their supply chain, ensuring the seamless continuation of their operations.

Central to VanMoof’s resurgence is a strategic shift in their sales and servicing strategies. Formerly reliant on direct sales through their website and brand stores, VanMoof has embraced a…



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